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When I was younger I always wanted to be a critic for a profession. It wasn't something that lasted long. I realized most critics were total asses, so I figured why go through all the work of being a critic, when I can skip the hard part, and go straight to being an ass..

However here I think I can share thoughts on movies, music and pretty much whatever since I use this space to fill my moments of boredom. Besides,.. nobody is reading the crap lol.. If you found that you are one of the few that are reading this crap... well remember.. my tastes and your tastes probably aren't the same, however... still we find things time to time during mistaken turns taken on the internet highway...

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SPILL CANVAS - I heard this band for the first time around the start of 2008, found not only the music extremely powerful, but the lyrics were what sold me. They are a younger group (half my age) but they definitely have skills to progress quite a way into the future.

CHARLIE WANG - One of a few artists I have had the privilege to meet in and talk to on a one to one level. Charlie Wang is one hell of a poetic musician. He brings his own poetic flavor to every song he sings or creates. He has a fantastic personality and wondrous outlook on life. The man behind the music is as easy going and inspirational as the music itself.


T Mackay- The Bedroom Orchestra - Have been seriously fortunate enough to listen to this guy numerous times live. A wonderfully amazing talent in smooth acoustic styling's.