The Prelude

Before you read thru this, you should probably be aware its my view only of an event and the leading up to it written in an 11 hour moment on April 1st, 2007. It tells my life in a nutshell version and is quite long. Within I am honest. Reading this has caused complete loss of friends and the like. To me it is not a comparison of what the true loss is. The feelings within toward my ex were written within one month of the moment my world changed. To date I have learned many new things and results have been obtained. My only reason for leaving this is to remember to never forget the 3 year plus battle I fought. I still have no knowledge of the realistic reasoning behind the occurrence, and have numbed to caring of what it was. My concern was solely my child and her well being, who has since committed perjury on the stand and been manipulated into extravagant lies. Understand totally that there is much more that has occurred since this was written, but that is being held until the future publications are finished. The overall results have been that lying will always catch you in the end, and in some cases, even condemn you to criminal charges. This information will be added at a later date.

Whatever you take from this, remember... in the blink of an eye, the world as you know it could change. By the sickness of legal manipulation and fact that proof is not needed to do what was done to me. Anyone in this country, or at least Missouri can have their life taken from them, and replaced with an unimaginable hell, by the manipulations and threats of powerful government and state employees. I miss my daughter, and will never stop what they started until there is justice served, and I see the guilty pay for the crimes against me that they have committed.

Lies and manipulations will never cover the actual truth and facts of what occur. No matter who you attempt to convince, in the end there will only be the reality of what happened and the effect of what resulted in the lies created. One day people will learn that lying is the answer to nothing and only creates more lies that can never be manipulated enough to become truth, even a false one.

If you fail to fix the mistakes you make with your lies... as those that have done in my life have, eventually they will catch you and those failures and mistakes will be a part of you forever.... a part you will wish you fixed later in life, instead of lying to cover your ass.... and drowning in the results that you bring upon yourself.

Minor author notes have been updated. All material holds its originality.