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    This Website is in no way affiliated with the normal intelligent radio host dude. I'm sure his site has a point of some kind.

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    By entering this site you accept the fact that you enter with a promise of nothing whatsoever... and we can guarantee delivery in the hordes of emptiness. Any and all writings within are shared from the opinions and discussions of Todd and others whom he may call friends. Most would never reciprocate. Knowledge and responsibility of research is all on you.

Wear your boots and watch the smell. If you believe or don't believe... it is your choice. This isn't Ripley's peeps... believe what you will.

Free thought is all yours. Don't be a lemming.


Not responsible for accidents in or out of mind or matter universally. Not responsible for brain damage, thoughts or injury in any way. Not responsible for anything mentioned or not mentioned here. (TRANSLATION: We ain't' responsible)